Origem Woot Next Generation of autowoot! What are u wait? Drop it in your bookmark

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Origem Woot easy to use,
has many features, and cool things!

We looking for new standards,collecting new ideas than that mix and get new features!

Fast and Complex UI

We used modern design in the world to build this extension

Private Chat

We use websockets to create realtime messaging system and more!


Just for you we`ve added stylings from old plug.dj if you dont like this!

Most Features

We every day adding new features on your request or we get idea.We make dream feature in reality.

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We added for you custom backgrounds!

More than 40 backgrounds you can change on click or if you dont like you can use custom from link

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You can see here all users with roles and groles,mention

You can use modal userlist to see information about user but also you can mention him

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